Skipping ChildThe Creative CURRICULUM is used as our curriculum framework to provide children with opportunities to grow and develop in the following areas: social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language.  Rooms are arranged in interest areas, and materials are provided in theses areas to allow children to explore their environment, and to enhance their learning. A daily schedule and daily routine provides the basic structure for each day. Classroom themes are incorporated into the curriculum to provide the children with opportunities to learn about the world in which they live. Classroom themes are selected and based on what the teachers know about the community, and the children’s interest. Examples of themes that are used or have been used include:  New Beginnings (Learning about our classroom, ourselves, and the other children in the classroom); The 4 seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer); Our Five senses; Our Families; the Human body; Transportation; Animals; Insects; and community Helpers.  Recognizing that parents are the most important people in the child’s world, our curriculum encourages parent involvement in a number of ways. “Pizza nights” are held where parents and children come together to learn about what is happening in the classroom, parents are invited to share their interests and talents with the children, and they are asked for their suggestions and ideas.