Office Staff

Director of Operations: Susan Kavchok

Susan started at Childspace two months after opening the first center. She began working at the center to be with her children. She started in the Infant room and anticipated working at Childspace for 3 years with the intention of leaving to continue to pursue her dreams of working in the field of financial management. Working since 1988 Susan is still here at Childspace. She has moved up the Childspace management ladder, received the necessary education with the support of Childspace and now holds the position of Director of Operations. She oversees the management and operations of the three childcare programs. She has served as President of the Worker Cooperative Board and now sits as Chairperson, with the overall responsibilities of developing strategic long term planning for the company. Susan is a certified trainer under the Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQUAS) and has trained over 900 childcare directors and teachers in topics such as budgeting, staffing, financial management, parent and staff communications. She is a married mother of 2, Kate and Rob. She has 4 cats, White Kitty, Baby Kitty, Mr. Purrs and his girlfriend, Miss Kitty. She also has 1 dog – A puggle name Gracie. Susan loves the worker coop structure and thinks that Childspace is the best workplace and believes that it is the main reason that she continues to thrive and love her job.

Director: Edith Appel

Edie has been the director of Chilspace’s Mt Airy site for the past 12 years and has over 30 years experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and over 30 graduate credits in special education. Edie enjoys working with young children and their families. She is a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 4 and enjoys reading and tending to her tropical fish and hermit crabs.

Cass Cummings

Cass has been with Childspace for 7 years as the Administratve Assistant. She is also a part of the Worker Co-op which has truly enlightened/broadened her understanding of business. Cass feels working here has been a learning experience and says she’s a smart Tweety now!

Mary Ann Anisiewski

Mary Ann has been with Childspace since 2009 as the bookkeeper and is also a member of the Worker Co-op. She is currently going to school for accounting at CCP. She has 5 cats that she adores including 2 new kittens, Norman and NoNo. Her hobbies are going to the movies and concerts and she volunteers at a cat shelter on the weekends.