The first years of life are an extraordinary time during which children set their relationship to learning.  How children are taught matters.

Childspace uses the Creative Curriculum© in all its centers.  This curriculum is among those selected by the State of Pennsylvania as effective for “quality learning environments.”  It empowers children to become confident, successful, lifelong learners.

Learning happens best by first ensuring that children feel emotionally and physically secure in their classroom.  Once secure, child-initiated learning is encouraged through the open set up of the classroom.  Each area is designed to advance language acquisition as well as social, emotional, cognitive, and physical knowledge.

The Creative Curriculum focuses on topics that interest children such as trees, balls and buildings.  It is flexible.  Teachers can adapt it to the learning style of each individual child. It also offers guidance on the countless everyday decisions teachers make such as whether or not to intervene as a child tries to solve a problem, what materials a child is ready for, how to help two children resolve a conflict, and how to involve families.

Each family enrolling in Childspace comes for a “get to know you” visit to meet teachers and experience this prized curriculum.  Learn more about what Creative Curriculum classrooms are like in action here.