Board Members

Childspace Management Group, Inc. Worker Cooperative Board of Directors

As of 2/20/2019

Officers Board Title Childspace Position
Teresa Mansell President Director Childspace West
Anyea Sanders Vice President Administrator Childspace West
Carla Mixson Co-Secretary Head Start Teacher Germantown Center
Mindy Barbakoff Co-Secretary Director Germantown Center
Edith Appel Treasurer Director Mt Airy Center
Members (alphabetically) Board Title Childspace Position
Cass Cummings Member Administrative Assistant Mt Airy Center
Clara DeMorales Member Lead Infant Teacher Mt Airy Center
Zanetta Fields Member Assistant Head Start Teacher Germantown Center
Susan Kavchok Member Chief Executive Officer
Angela Peace Member Head Start Teacher West Center
Sheree Tucker Member Staffing Coordinator & Parent Liaison  Mt Airy Center