Childspace classroom

The Childspace philosophy is that children learn by experience.  Our program’s first goal is to ensure that children feel emotionally and physically secure in their school, which is the necessary foundation for children to be able to explore and learn from their environment.  From here, we provide opportunities for children at each developmental level to try new things, make new friends and have fun.

We are concerned with all aspects of children’s growth: social, emotional, cognitive and physical. In group activities, we recognize that each child is an individual and we encourage children to express themselves according to their own personalities through art, music, circle time, body movement, games, imaginary play, block play, book time and cooking. We set limitations primarily with regard to the safety of all children. We try to teach children to respect each other’s person as well as their feelings and introduce children to the diversity found in society. We encourage parents to get involved in our program, make suggestions and ask questions.